Create a function to determine the frequency of letters of the English alphabet in a given string.




Consider the following piece of text:

This is just amazing to know. I wish I was there.

Ignoring the character casing here, we see that the frequency of every single letter of the English alphabet (in lower case) is as follows:


You can even confirm this table by counting the letters manually.

In this exercise, you have to create a function logLetterFrequency() to output such a piece of information about a given string.

The format of the output, which must be made to the console, shall be as follows:

a: count b: count c: count d: count e: count f: count g: count h: count i: count j: count k: count l: count m: count n: count o: count p: count q: count r: count s: count t: count u: count v: count w: count x: count y: count z: count

Each line must show the count of at most four characters, with each character's count represented in the form character: count, separated from another such statement by four spaces.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind while coding the solution

  • You MUST use a for loop to make the output.
  • You MUST NOT use any nested for loops (i.e. for within a for) in any part of the code.
  • At the end of a line in the output produced by the code, there must be no spaces. The spaces must be only between the statements describing the counts of given characters.