Codeguage's goal is to help people become fundamentally-sound web developers, superbly confident in their craft.

What is Codeguage?

Codeguage is an online platform devoted to teaching the curious minds out there the language of code in a comprehensive, detailed, yet simple way.

That's precisely where the name comes from: 'Code' from code, and 'guage' from language.

Everyday, tons of minutes of every developer are wasted in sifting through numerous resources just to learn that 'one thing' that should've ideally been taught right at the beginner stage. There are numerous resources out there teaching programming but really no one is addressing this concern. It's finally time to change the way things are going.

Codeguage revolves around saving the most precious resource of everyone — time.

The vital four

To save anyone's time learning, we essentially need a resource that is...


When you have a robust foundation, with the fundamentals crystal-clear, your mind will intrinsically get that ability to handle any kind and level of complexity.


With a comprehensive resource that covers literally every aspect of a given topic, your time is spent practicing the learnt concepts, not resolving confusions and basic questions.


Coding is a detailed craft. Likewise, any resource trying to teach it in any way should be detailed as well, or else people will have to acquire those integral details from different places in a fragmented and haphazard manner.


Structure is vital to an intuitive learning experience of a given resource. Without structure, the right concepts get introduced at the wrong times, ultimately leading to confusion and breaking the desired flow of comprehension.

"To be able to comprehend anything complex, we first need to learn the simple stuff and become extraordinarily good at it."

— Bilal Adnan, Founder of Codeguage

My (and your) values

Quality over quantity

It's better to have one big chapter that answers all your questions than to have 10 of them, with all of them still leaving you with some unaddressed questions.

Detail over brevity

Brevity is good. But not at the cost of the understanding of a learner. Programming is detailed, and so should anything teaching it be — detailed.

Simplicity over complexity

It's easy to explain a complex topic with complexity. But it's difficult to reduce that complexity down to simplicity, and the latter is what matters.

Better over best

Rather than reaching the 'best' of something, it's better to reach the 'better'. Start thinking of 'best' as 'better and better'.

Nothing is difficult

There is nothing such as 'difficult'. It's only the way we perceive things initially that they seem difficult.

Curiosity for knowledge

Curiosity gets us to think deeper and ask questions, which then ends up with solutions to problems everyone thought were impossible to be solved.

Continuous learning

Learning is like an asymptote in math — it has no end. The constant drive to learn more and more fuels wisdom, creativity, and ultimately success.

Time is key

Time isn't a free resource; it's limited. It's better to spend 1 hour learning about something from one place than to spend 10 minutes at 10 different places.

Inclusivity and accessibility

Let's strive hard together to make education accessible to more and more people throughout the world.

Where it all began?

Everyone has their story, and every story has a beginning. For me, the beginning goes all the way back to the dawn of August, 2018. I founded Codeguage right before the beginning of my 2 years at college, for A Levels, without even thinking for a second how I'd be able to manage this ambition of mine with my studies, simply because I was superbly passionate about solving a problem that I didn't want others to fall into.

And from that point onwards, a long tale is to commence...

"I created Codeguage (and work on it solo) to save you from falling into the same learning conundrums that I fell into."

— Bilal Adnan, Founder of Codeguage

I believe in high-quality education, accessible to everyone, everywhere, everytime.

How are the courses free?

In order to keep this site and my enthusiastic mission running, I essentially use two things: affiliate promotions (only for products and services that I feel would be useful to you) and your unwavering support.

Honestly, it's quite a grind to sit in front of the computer continuously for hours and create content. But my passion for programming and your kind support always keep me going! I am more than just grateful for all your support!

To show your extra support for Codeguage, you can consider buying me some coffee (well, I am a fan of tea, but coffee would work as well 😊).

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