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Our humble beginnings.

One, eight, twenty-eighteen

Launched on 1st August, 2018

Founded and launched on 1st August 2018 (hence the heading 'One, eight, twenty-eighteen'), CodeGuage is a place where aspiring learners amazed by the beautiful world of computer science and mathematics can come and learn new topics and technologies.

Our aim

Our aim is very clear-cut:

To deliver free and high-quality education in computer science and the involved mathematics.

Our longer term aim is even more ambitious — to make CodeGuage an online platform where you can learn all the stuff that you'd otherwise learn in a bachelor's degree program for computer science at any renowned university.

The problem

Honestly speaking, there are over a hundred relevant platforms to learn computer science and its related maths. After hours and hours of research on the quality, structure and overall clarity of each of these resources, we came to the following categorizations, still not completely exhaustive:

  1. The resource is affordably priced, but teaches the same mere concepts that any other free resource would.
  2. The resource offers well-structured, high-quality content but is extremely pricey.
  3. The resource is well-structured, but the quality of content is subpar and is costly at the same time.
  4. The resource is free, but there is no structure of the content — it's haphazardly arranged. Likewise, it's difficult to follow along.
  5. The resource is free but flooding with ads amid low-quality content.
  6. The resource is free, but has low-quality, poorly structured content.

...and the list could go on for another ten lines with more and more things missing from each subsequent category.

The point is that it's difficult to find one single go-to platform to learn literally anything in this field of computer science and mathematics. What's even more important is that there is almost no resource that delivers both free and high-quality content.

Novice learners always have to turn to question/answer sites such as StackOverflow in hope of getting good answers for very basic questions, which should mostly be addressed during their early stages while learning from a given resource. At CodeGuage, our ultimate goal is to make sure that by the time you are done reading a given chapter, you are completely aware of all the aspects of the underlying topic.

In short, we work really hard to craft the highest quality of content, that's absolutely free to access, so that you can very easily understand a given topic or technology.

Why us?

Let's now see why should anyone even consider learning a given technology, such as JavaScript, from CodeGuage. After all, it's utmost important to know that exactly where does CodeGuage differ from other online learning platforms.

  • Free of cost

    No need to buy any subscriptions, make any payments, or create any accounts. All the content is available for free.

  • Well-structured

    Content throughout all our courses and tutorials is organized in a chronological fashion, ensuring a clear and intuitive learning experience.

  • Simple to understand

    Everything is explained in plain and precise words, right from the perspective of an absolute beginner.

  • Detailed explanations

    Certain concepts require deep insight into the internals of the involved machinery. Fortunately, we provide all that insight in simple words.

  • Comprehensive

    We make sure that essentially all aspects of a given topic are covered, leaving almost nothing behind. Seriously!

  • Easy to navigate

    We've designed CodeGuage in a way so that it's extremely intuitive for you to navigate around the given courses, tutorials and blog.

  • Quizzes

    Quizzes are sprinkled throughout all our courses so that you can test your understanding of given topics side-by-side.

  • Exercises

    Nothing gets better than completing exercises to further strengthen your understanding of given topics.

  • Projects

    Some of our courses contain projects that are real-world programs to help you build a sweet and sound portfolio.