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Advanced JavaScript

JavaScript has evolved enormously over the years into a sophisticated language, bundled with numerous advanced features.

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Things To Know

What is this course about?

JavaScript is a huge programming language. It runs on the client-side web browser platform where it powers HTML pages to be interactive, dynamic and responsive.

It's one of the most popular computer languages used by developers these days with a large community of followers. It's truly the language of beginners due to its simplicity and serenity.

However, this doesn't mean that JavaScript ain't has a complex side. The language has more than a handful of advanced concepts and APIs that are definitely useful, but requiring the end developer to put in some real effort in order to truly understand 'em.

In this we'll explore all such advanced concepts and APIs.

What will you learn in this course?

For a very general overview, we would start by getting our hands firm on the basics of JavaScript, and then continue on to explore the Symbol, IntersectionObserver, File, Blob, FileReader, Promise, Storage APIs, in addition to the idea of iterators and generators.

Talking very specifically, at the end of this course you will know:

  1. The sixth primitive type in JavaScript i.e symbols, and how to work with them to get into some internal operations of the language.
  2. The IntersectionObserver API and how to use it in place of scroll events to monitor the appearance of elements into a root element.
  3. What are iterables and how to iterate over them in a very convenient way using the for...of loop.
  4. What are iterators and how to use them to govern the behaviour of iteration done by for...of, or otherwise manually.
  5. How to use generators to define infinite sequences and use lazy evaluation to save resources when computing large collections; and even how to combine the results of multiple generators by means of delegation.
  6. How to obtain File objects from file input elements and the drag..drop API; and then retrieve useful information from these File objects.
  7. The ways in which to process File objects by creating objects URLs for them or by reading them using the FileReader API.
  8. What are blobs in JavaScript and how to use the Blob API to create file-like objects.
  9. What's meant by the term 'callback hell' and how the Promise API is provided to mitigate it.
  10. How to shift from storing client-only data in cookies to the Storage API - made accessible via two global properties: localStorage and sessionStorage.
  11. and even more....

Why should you take this course?

A dedicated course to the advanced aspects of JavaScript is not quite common out there. This is by far one of the most comprehensive advanced JS guides online, if you can find more of them.

But what does this course has to offer to you such that you must consider taking it?

  1. We explore the idea and purpose behind each function, property, method, or any new concept we introduce to you, in particularly fine detail. We believe that one must understand the theory behind each new concept rather than just seeing the distant picture of it and implementing it each time, without any sort of knowledge of its inner workings.
  2. Throughout this course, within chapters, you'll find various tasks and sub-quizes to further solidy your understanding of the topic being discussed at the moment. The tasks showcase certain practical-level ideas of advanced JavaScript to you which definitely help you better understand the technology.

Table of Contents

  1. Foundation

    Here we'll get our hands firm on the basics of JavaScript and some of the simpler concepts of advanced JavaScript before moving on to specifically target a couple of its common APIs.

  2. Intersection Observer

    In this unit we shall cover the IntersectionObserver API to monitor elements entering into a root element.

  3. Iteration

    In this unit we shall discover modern iteration in JavaScript. This includes the for...of loop, iterables and iterators. After that, we'll move over to consider generator functions and how they extend iteration capabilities.

  4. File APIs

    This unit is dedicated to explore file handling capabilities of JavaScript. Specifically we'll be seeing the File, Blob and FileReader APIs in detail and even the concept of object URLs.

  5. Promises

    Promises are meant to simplify asynchronous programming in JavaScript. In this unit we shall understand how to create basic promises, how to chain promises and finally how to handle errors occuring in promises.

  6. Buffers

    This whole unit is dedicated to teaching you fixed-type arrays in JavaScript known as typed arrays, and how they are stored internally in buffers.

  7. Storage

    In this unit we will cover an extremely useful concept of JavaScript i.e storage. We'll see the two mechanism of storing data locally on the client - localStorage and sessionStorage.

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