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Learn how to code some of the most popular features out there, from scratch. Not only will you learn how to code them, but also how to use them in your application to take it up a level.

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Content is divided into different slides that can be navigated via mouse, keyboard or touch interaction.

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Lazy Loading

Load resources, such as images, only when they appear in the viewport.

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Articles and learning go together

Learning never ends on just dedicated courses and tutorials. Blogs have gained a lot of popularity out there and so on our platform. Read fresh articles from our blog to get a quick lesson on some more technical concepts.

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"Programming is not just about reading a paragraph on a topic or simply copy pasting code. It's all about experimenting with different things and this is what draws the best learning curve."

Let's test your skills!

See if you really know some extremely basic aspects of web development.

JavaScript is a pure class-based OOP language. True or False?


JavaScript is an OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) language, but not class-based. It is rather based on prototypes, as can be seen in JavaScript Object Prototypes.

Which of the following APIs is used to track the appearance of elements on a web page?


The IntersectionObserver API is the modern way to track elements against root elements. To learn more of it, refer to IntersectionObserver API Introduction.

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    Examples speak louder than words. Each concept that we teach is backed up by elaborate examples, some of which are practical level, to help you understand when to use a piece of code.