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Do you feel like you're not fluent and confident with your problem-solving abilities? Do you feel like when you go on to build something, you get stuck?

Well, it's time to build your fundamentals.

Other resources, typically

Not comprehensive, not detailed

At the end of the course, your skill level is below the one required for you to build something big. You fill in this skill level gap using external resources such as StackOverflow, ChatGPT, etc. in a fragmented way and, thus, don't develop the mindset to solve basic problems.


Comprehensive and detailed

The course is laid out in a way that it's made sure that by the time you're tasked with building something big, your skill level is beyond the one required by that thing. You get a robust foundation to attack any problem sent your way. You code with confidence.

Stop wasting your time finding answers to fundamental questions. Pick a resource that addresses those fundamental questions clearly to you, right at the start.

The language of code is meticulously detailed and subtly nuanced

So how to walk through these details effectively and be confident in exercising them in solving real-world problems?

Simple — using a detailed resource.

Here's the extent of the information covered on Codeguage (and it's increasing):

  • Duration

    7,533 mins

  • Paragraphs


  • Chapters


  • Exercises


  • Quizzes


More resources in store

  • Questions

    Test your understanding of given topics

  • Tutorials

    Learn a tool or put your knowledge into action

  • Glossary

    See the precise definition of important terms

  • Blog

    Read small articles to keep your knowledge bank fresh

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and also what others think of it.

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"First of all thanks a lot for this wonderful course on using touch gestures for websites. I was actually looking for this type of tutorial since many days and at last found your website today. Very nice way of explanation and very easy to understand examples. I really love this site and hope you will continue to provide guidance to beginners and especially self learners. Thanks a lot again."

"Curiosity killed the cat. But satisfaction brought it back."

Being curious for knowledge is amazing. And to address that curiosity, we work on the following channels, keeping your curiosity and satisfaction levels filled up.

About Codeguage

Codeguage is a free, online platform devoted to teaching the curious minds out there the language of code in a comprehensive, detailed, yet simple way.

We are on a mission to help people become fundamentally-sound web developers, superbly confident in their craft.

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