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Privacy Policy

Hello and welcome programmer! Thank you for visiting Codeguage! Codeguage ("we", "us", "Site") is a platform built to teach you programming in the most effective way. Being completely free and requiring no subscriptions or money at all, it is made to focus on learning stuff. Strongly believing in the mission of helping people across the world acquire this knowledge of programming, we try to make our readers our regular users. Equally we expect our users to follow certain guidelines as outlined in our Terms of Use.

By using this Site you agree that you are totally in acceptance with our terms of use. If you aren't comfortable with them, please consider not using this Site.

This page is an extension of the Terms of Use page. Here we discuss about our privacy policy.

Personally identifiable information

Our Site doesn't directly obtain any kind of personally identifiable information from you. We neither directly collect nor directly store any of your personal information on our systems. However, we do use third-party services that may collect non-personally identifiable information from you. Further details are provided in later sections below.


Cookies are small text files placed on your computer as you surf websites around the Internet. They are basically meant to be able to deliver you a better surfing experience, helping provide you personalized content.

Our Site also uses cookies, just as most of the sites out there, to provide you with advertisements (read more below).

You may also disable cookies from your browser by going through the how-to guide on disabling cookies for your specific browser. Remember that doing this, however, will not disable advertisements but just make them more irrelavant to your preferences.


For funding it, our Site utilizes third-party advertisements. These may employ cookies for personalized content. These ads might collect non-personal data from you to enhance user experience. For a comprehensive understanding, we recommend reviewing the privacy policy of our third-party advertising service, BuySellAds.

You can check out the privacy policy at BuySellAds Privacy Policy.


For funding it, our Site also utilizes affiliate links, earning commissions when you purchase given products/services from those links, at no extra cost to you. You can read more details in our affiliate disclosure.


In order to power analytics on our Site (such as tracking which pages are being surfed, which countries have the most users, etc.), we employ the third-party service, Beam. It doesn't utilize any cookies for collecting analytical information.

Updates to this document

We can update information on this page or on our Terms of Use page to meet new requirements and conditions. So make sure to check out here once in a while to remain updated with our latest privacy policy.