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JavaScript RegExp

Regular expressions are a powerful, yet complex, technology to search for substrings within strings following particular patterns.

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Things To Know

What is this course about?

JavaScript regular expressions, or simply JavaScript RegExp is a pattern-matching technology used widely across programming languages with the string data type to carry out complex searching. Regular expressions can be used to find simple to extremely complicated patterns within strings and extract them out to be used for further processing.

Where string-based searching finds its stop, regexp-based searching finds its start. Regular expressions are extremely powerful, useful and time-saving, however can become really ugly and complicated if not understood the right way! This course teaches you how to work with regular expressions; where to write them; how to construct them; how to change between fixed and dynamic expressions and so on. You will learn a lot of concepts in the way and actually learn regular expressions the right way.

Benefits of learning

So what do regular expressions are to offer you?

  1. Learning JavaScript regular expressions will firstly help you to create patterns to solve literally a ton of common string searching problems out there such as validating an email address, a website url, a telephone number, an ISBN number and so on.
  2. Not only this, but learning regular expressions will also help you in all other places where they are used extensively for instance in Apache's configuration files (including .htaccess), in languages like PHP, Python, Java etc, or just in normal usage i.e in text editors.
  3. Regular expressions are common out there, and not something that most developers will be completely unaware of. Learning them will mean that you are able to understand all programs, all forum discussions, all questions and much more, that involve regexp. You should always be learning what is emerging!

Why should I take this course?

When there are so many regexp courses out there why shall I consider this course? Here's why:

  1. Firstly we will begin with the very basics of regular expressions and then progress gradually towards the difficult concepts. But how's this different from other courses? Together with this we will assign tasks to you, take small sub-quizes so that the difficultly curve with which we progress is well fit to you.
  2. We teach regexp in a carefully laid out course structure. You'll never find yourself in a state of confusion because the structure with which the course is set up won't allow confusion to pass through it.
  3. Furthermore, we teach complicated topics like assertions, boundaries in a clean and concise way whereby you'll never even get the feeling of reading something that perhaps is complicated!

Table of Contents

  1. Foundation

    In this unit we will discover all that there is in regular expressions. We'll begin with a brief introduction to regexp, then see how to write them, where to write them while consider a handful of examples. Moving further we'll discover how to modify searching behaviour using flags; replicate patterns using quantifiers, match walls between characters using boundaries; capture matches for patterns; use string and regexp methods to solve searching problems.

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