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A for loop's header can be all blank like for (;;).
True or false?
A for loop takes three statements in its header that are all optional. For more info please check out for loops in JavaScript.
The continue keyword does what inside a loop?
The continue keyword skips the current iteration and continues on with the next iteration.
while iterates until the specified condition is false. True or false?
When the condition given in the header of while fails i.e becomes false only then does the loop terminate.
A for loop's third statement has to always be with the ++ increment operator. True or false?
There is no restriction into what we put in the third statement of for. It is evaluated on every iteration so we can have any legal statement there.
If programmed incorrectly, a while and a for loop can run infinitely.
True or false?
There is a chance of getting into infinite iterations by programming a loop incorrectly.
How to get the while loop executed at least once?
Regardless of what condition is within while the do block executes at least once.
How to exit out of a loop?
The break keyword serves to exit out of a loop statement. In general it can also be used to exit out a block statement. See Javascript for loop and JavaScript switch for further details.
How many times does the following loop run?
var i = 5;
for (; i < 5; i++) {
i is 5 hence i < 5 is false and thus the loop won't procede any further.
Is the following code right or wrong?
var i = 5;
for (i < 5; i++) {
Even if we don't specify the statements in the header of for loop, we still have to give the semi-colons indicating that the statements are left blank.