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JavaScript has distinct types for numbers like int, float, etc.
True or false
In JavaScript, all numbers have the same type returned by typeof i.e "number".
How to raise 10 to the power 2?
Math.pow() raises its first argument to the second one and the exponent operator does the same thing applied to operands.
How to round 1.65 to the nearest integer
Math.round() rounds a number to the nearest integer. Hence the choice (A).
Math.ceil(1.0005) returns what?
Math.ceil() rounds a number to the next smallest integer. Hence 1.005 goes to 2, which corresponds with choice (B). See more details at JavaScript Math Object.
typeof NaN returns "number".
True or false?
Check out Numbers Basic Concepts for more details.
1e+3 is the same as what?
Anything following the e in JavaScript numbers is made the power of base 10 and then multiplied with the actual number. Check out more details at Numbers Basic Concepts.
Infinity - Infinity gives
Check out Numbers Basic Concepts for more details.
Math.random() * 100 returns a number between
Check out the JavaScript Math Object for more details.
What will toPrecision(0) return when run on the number 0.56?
Every number conversion in JavaScript has to produce a number with at least 1 sf, likewise it is invalid to call toPrecision(0). The correct answer is (D). Check out the JavaScript Number Methods for more details.