Improve a piece of code by rewriting some variable names so that they become more readable and more descriptive.


Very easy


You are working in a big e-learning company as an intern and have been given a very easy task. That is, you have been provided with a piece of code from a senior developer, who's a nerd at solving coding problems but very bad at naming variables.

He has been working on the application, that is to be released by the company very soon as part of their e-learning motive.

Your task is to improve the naming of variables in a given segment of code which is part of the application, where a course's details are showed to the user, such as its name, description, total number of chapters and so on.

Here's the code:

# Name of the course.
cn = 'Python'

# Description of the course.
cde = 'A general-purpose programming language'

# Difficulty level of the course.
# A number in the range 1 - 10
cd = 7

# The number of modules in the course.
cm = 11

# The number of chapters in the course.
cc = 56

# The number of quizzes in the course.
cq = 16

# The number of exercises in the course.
ce = 30

# The number of projects in the course.
cp = 3

Above each variable, is the description of what it would hold later on. Currently, each variable holds some placeholder value. This would obviously be changed later on; but that's a different story.

For now, we just need to focus on the naming aspect.

Along with the code, you've been given a set of rules to follow.

  1. You must follow the snake casing convention.
  2. Don't abbreviate names with their initials.

With all this in hand, you have to come up with a better piece of naming, if not the best.

After all, variable naming is not strictly a factual game, whereby a given set of rules could be followed to derive a clean name.