CSS Text Introduction

Chapter 13 2 mins

Learning outcomes:

  1. Introduction to fonts

If you've ever had the experience of designing something digital and visual before, you'll surely understand the importance of font in design.

A font is a visual representaton of text - alphabets, numbers and symbols. A font can literally, on its own, get your design to either stand out or just deface even the best aspects of it.

So what does it mean by ..get your design to either stand out or just deface even the best aspects of it..

Consider delivering a formal, political message in a bubbly decorative font - you would literally be damaging the whole idea of that piece of text! On the opposite side of the mirror now consider delivering a message for, let's say, baby's clothes with that same bubbly font - you might be more than likely elevating the happy tone of your text with a happy, bubbly font! And a font can really do that.

It can make or break a design. It is that simple and that complex!

A font has to be well thought-on, before incorporating in a piece of design. It can convey different emotions, put emphasis on certain areas of text or be the sole identity of a brand.

The study and art of fonts known as typography has a lot of learning around it - we have concepts like kerning, leading, tracking, legibility, scalability and many more such names to impress you.

This conversation can literally go on for more than quarter of a day but owing to your limitations of time (we hope so you have them) and our limitations of writing such long chapters with ten thousands of words, we will take a break on the importance of fonts and typography in design. It is just endless!

Talking about CSS, there are tons of style properties available at our dispense to play around with text. Just to name a few we can change the color, size, spacing, cursiveness of text or add underlines, shadows and much more.

This unit is dedicated to learning all the various types of styling that could be done on text in CSS. It will be an interesting and very easy unit for you to learn CSS, and even some aspects of designing on the way.