Explore a vast array of questions to test and solidy your understanding of given topics as covered in our courses.

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  • What is this new feature on Codeguage?

    This new feature of 'Questions' on Codeguage is meant to provide you with an immensely large collection of questions, obtained from our very own courses, so that you can quickly self-test yourself.

  • Are these question bundles free of cost?

    Yes. Absolutely. This is the aim of Codeguage — to provide high-quality free education.

  • How are questions different from quizzes?

    In quizzes, you get presented with multiple choices to choose from, and then get scored in the end. The purpose of these question bundles, on the other hand, is only to provide you with a big list of questions to give answers to. That's it.

  • Are more bundles coming up next?

    A big yes. We are currently working on adding more bundles for JavaScript before moving over to consider adding them for other courses as well.