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  1. Your job in this game is to complete missing blanks by selecting from a given set of characters.
  2. Each character can be removed by simply clicking on it. To clear off the whole word just press the Clear All button.
  3. The game is based on a timer; each question has a given amount of time to solve it - make sure you solve it before the time run's up!
Checks whether a given number is infinite or not.
console.log((Infinity)); // false
All numbers in JavaScript are precision floating-point numbers.
Adding Infinity to Infinity yields what?
Complete the following code:
var num = 1090;
num = num.(2);
num = parseInt(num); // 1
What does the following code log?
var num = 16;
Complete the following code:
console.log(Math.(3.5) * Math.(3.4)); // 9
Guess the missing method in the code below:
Math.(2, 2); // 4
Math.(0, 1); // 0